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I obtained a PhD in Geology (focus on Geophysics) in May 2019 from University of South Florida, Tampa. I have an MSc degree from University of Tehran and a BSc degree in Physics. I am interested in geophysics, geosciences, subsurface monitoring, modeling and also machine learning. I am and have been involved in different scale exploration problems. Projects that I have been involved in cover wide range of subsurface exploration/monitoring related areas from engineering to geology, volcanology and planetary sciences. Utility mapping and monitoring, void and tunnel exploration, wetland monitoring, mineral exploration and heydrological studies are among the projects that I have worked on. I am interested in developing methodologies (theory) and applications of scientific tools. For the list of projects, publications and patents please scroll down. Have collaborative ideas or questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me at 'sajad.jazayeri[at]gmail[dot]com'

GEODES Project

Geophysical Exploration Of the Dynamics and Evolution of the Solar System (GEODES). This project will use geophysical modeling and laboratory techniques to characterize the overall evolution, stability, and volatile content of the Moon and asteroid subsurfaces.

TubeX Project

Exploration strategy development of lava tubes for NASA astronuts. Funded by NASA PSTAR program

SBD Project

Development of a Sparse Blind Deconvolution method for GPR data.

FWI for GPR data, utility modeling Project

Development of an advanced Full Waveform Inversion methods for GPR data.

Automatic object detection Project

Statistical Approaches to Underground object detection using Ground Penetrating Radar Signals.


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  • S., Jazayeri, S., Kruse. (2019). Precise Infrastructure Mapping Using Full-Waveform Inversion of Radar Signals. Filed Jun 27, 2018, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Non-Provisional patent number: 10,234,552 (granted on Mar 19 2019), Application Number: 16/020,665. See more.

    A., Saghafi, S., Jazayeri, S., Esmaeili, C. Tsokos. (2019). Systems And Methods For Detecting Buried Objects. Filed Jun 28, 2018, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Non-Provisional patent number: 10,175,350 (granted on Jan 8 2019), Application Number: 16/021,928. See more.

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